Tips for caring Betta fish

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Betta imbellis,
photo by Kobayashi Michinobu

How to choose a well-growth Betta fish?

In your local tropical fish store, you will find different kinds of colorful male Betta fish. How to pick the healthy and well-growth one? There is a simple trick. Move the Betta fish bottles to be close to each other, the Bettas will do something to try to scare others. It is better that pick the ones who expand all fins.

What kinds of baits to feed Betta fish?

Bettas like live baits and frozen bloodworms. They also can adapt a few flake baits.

What Kind of Water for Betta Fish?

Weak acid (pH between 6.5 to 7) and soft water will meet Bettas’ need. Bettas have strong adaptability to water quality, but don’t change the water quality suddenly. Although Bettas are not very sensitive to deterioration of water quality, it still is important to keep the water in good condition. They don’t like too strong water flow, so, using air pump to drive a sponge filter is a better choice.

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