How to get rid of algae Part 2 – How to control the algae in mini pond / fish tank

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Three month ago, my mini pond had grown a lot of algae, and I thoroughly cleaned my pond. Welcome to look back the video from my history posts. In that video, I said I need more fish to control the algae. Today, let’s see the achievement.

As my plan, I added some mini Kois, Siamese algae eaters and Mollies. I also planted some waterweed for hiding.

Adding more fish can control the algae efficiently, although the algae still shows up, it won’t interfere with appreciating my pond.

Four tips for algae control

  1. Add more fish that eat algae to your tank
  2. Reduce the duration of direct sunlight properly
  3. Change water regularly
  4. \Clean filter system regularly

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