Mosaic and Glass Delta tail Guppy

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This is a couple of delta tail Guppy. The male one is a Mosaic Guppy. The black irregular stripe patterns let the tail more dynamic. And it looks like a passionate dress. The female one is a Glass Guppy. The light blue and semitransparent tail with small black spot decor, shows another kind of elegant.

Halfmoon Butterfly Betta fish Blue & Red

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Halfmoon Butterfly Betta fish Blue & Red

Today, let’s appreciate this beautiful halfmoon butterfly tail Betta. Its blue & red bi-color fins diffuse elegant qualities. The gradient light violet body let this betta more noble. Let’s watch the video below.

Halfmoon tail Bettas are developed from fan tail Bettas, their tails can completely expand to 180?, just like half-moon. Their tails and fins are so long and large, but it is easy to be fade without good care. To keep their tails and fins in good condition, they need enough exercise, diversified nutrition, and good water quality.

A butterfly Betta has colorful fins. The color of the fins is ring-shaped from inside to outside, with two or more layers. This beautiful bi-color comes from their DNA, it can be transmitted to next generation.