Fish compatibility: Notices for mixing tropical fish together

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Many aquarium hobbyists love to care different species tropical fish in one tank. The tank will be more colorful and varied.

Different species have different habitus and adapt different environment. Some fish are aggressive, while some fish are friendly. Some fish like alkalescency water, while some fish like faintly acid water.

photo by Kobayashi Michinobu

Common problems you may occur

  1. Some species will keep bullying and chasing other fish. It may cause injury and easy to be infected.
  2. Some species are peaceful when they are juvenile, but as the fish growing, some species little by little disappear unconsciously. For example, angelfish and neon tetra coexist peacefully when they are juvenile. Usually, juvenile angelfish are about 5 to 7 cm long, they cannot swallow the neon tetra. But angelfish are omnivore, when they grow up, they will eat up the neon tetra without hesitation.
  3. Another problem is about reproduction. Some species may become aggressive in heat period, they will attack other fish to expand their territory. To protect your fish, you need to transfer the estrous fish to another tank.

For setting up a peaceful fish community tank, there are some rules and notices.

  1. Keep the fish in similar size, prevent small fish from being eaten by big fish.
  2. Don’t mix the fish that adapt different water type. Such as Lake Malawi blue cichlids and South America cichlids.
  3. Try to mix the mild species. Such as South America tetra and ratfish.
  4. Independently breed the species that like to eat other fish’s fin. Such as green puffer.
  5. Breed alone species that like infighting. For example, Siamese fighting fish, especially male fish like to fight with each other. But this is not harmful to other species.