Koi Variety Guide – Kohaku

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Kohaku is one of the earliest born Koi varieties, it is the most well-known and basic variety, because some varieties are developed from Kohaku.

Kohaku means “red and white”. It has ceramic-like white skin, with large and separate red patterns overlay. According to the number and shape of patterns, Kokaku can be further distinguished to Kuchibeni-Kohaku, Nidan-Kohaku, Sandan-Kohaku, Yodan-Kohahu, Inazuma, Straight Hi, Napoleon, Gotenzakura, Kinsakura and so on.

Yodan-Kohaku that was awarded

Image above is a Yodan-Kohaku that was awarded.


“Kuchibeni” means lipstick. The obvious characteristic is the small red pattern around the mouth, like lipstick.


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