Koi Variety Guide – Showa Sanshoku

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Showa Sanshoku (or Showa Sanke, abbreviation: Showa) have red, white and black three colors markings, which is the same as Taisho Sanke (abbreviation: Sanke). It is not difficult to distinguish the Showa and Sanke. Showa has black markings (called sumi) on the head, but Sanke does not; Showa’s sumi appear in dermis, and penetrate beyond epidermis, you can see some light black marking at the edge of sumi, and Sanke’s sumi show on the surface of epidermis; There are plane shape sumi on the base of Showa’s pectoral fin, while there is no sumi or only black stripes on Sanke’s pectoral fin.

A champion Showa
A showa got third place in the same match

Showa Koi got its name because it was born in Japan during the Showa Emperor (AD 1926 to AD 1989), in fact, it was born in 1927. Showa can be further distinguished to couple sub-varieties. Such as Classic Showa, Kindai Showa, and Boke Showa etc.

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